Couples Therapy

“What can make a relationship work is surprisingly simple.  Happy couples aren’t smarter, richer, or more psychologically astute than others.  But in day-to-day lives, they have hit on a dynamic that keeps their negative thoughts and feelings about each other (which ALL couples have) form overwhelming their positive ones.  They have what I call an emotionally intelligent marriage.”  – Dr. John Gottman

Marriage is hard!  Kids, demanding jobs, financial strains, family conflicts, personality differences, and more lead our marriages down a road of chaos and dysfunction.  Too often we’re left looking at a person across the table or on the other pillow who we don’t even recognize most days.

By looking at your relationship so far, individual personalities, family histories, and several other aspects of relationship we can start to uncover the specific strategies for making your marriage all it was created to be.  Utilizing research based techniques popularized by Dr. John Gottman, we will uncover the unhealthy and damaging patterns of communication and relating that are driving you deeper into brokenness and further from the intimacy both of you so badly desire.

Couples therapy isn’t a quick fix, but when approached deliberately, with both spouses engaged, it can be remarkably effective!  You aren’t alone and your marriage isn’t hopeless.  Contact me today to start moving towards the marriage you both want.